JJR Power

Uniquely Effective Energy Solutions Designed For You.

JJR Power focuses on guiding our clients in four areas of renewable energy, particularly solar energy. Direct Sales ("Ownership Opportunity"), Direct Asset Acquisition, Developer Partners and "1603 Markets".  We make the case that the solar markets will continue to grow, are highly fragmented, and present a significany opportunity to create and grow a company and to do what we do best.


Elegant Power

Solar panels provide quiet and reliable power generation while reducing pollution green- house gas emissions. Solar has the power to effectively reduce or eliminate home or business monthly energy bills providing a safe and secure sustainable energy solution.


It’s Simple

We work with homes and businesses to determine the best energy solution, design the most cost-effective system that meets their objectives, and then install the highest-quality system that will deliver years of clean, renewable energy.


Smart Investment

Solar is a financial opportunity. With our private equity fund focused on solar we finance solar systems that will reduce energy costs from day one. 


Live Data Monitoring

The 24/7 solar monitoring system helps ensure your system is running smoothly. It will even alert us if problems arise.
  • It’s instant gratification

    You'll be able to instantly monitor your solar energy production at any time, from just about anywhere.
  • We love it when things run smoothly

    Energy monitoring also tells us how your system is doing. It can automatically alert us in the rare event that problems arise. It can also send us vital data to help us diagnose and fix the problem.

State of the Art Analytics 

Use our 3rd-party web based system to measure and record total building electrical consumption.
  • Optimize your carbon footprint

    Track your usage and compare it on a single screen to your renewable energy generation, helping you achieve net-zero energy consumption, maximize your payback, and lower your monthly electricity bill.
  •  Lower your peak demand

    With second by second updates, you will immediately see major loads turning on and off giving you the tools needed to minimize peaks and maximize efficiency.
  • Monitor System Health

    Since your Analytics are accessible through the Internet at no extra charge, you can easily check on your home and/or renewable energy system while traveling. For installers with multiple systems, our service provides a convenient way to monitor all your installed systems on a single screen and detect failures even before your customers do.