• CAP Solar II (NJ), 3 MW
  • Northern Sun Portfolio (MN),10 MW
  • SBC Capital Fund
  • Operating Acquisitions
  • Completed: 800 kW, 1300 kW (MA) ​


energy development & finance since 1995

who we are

JJR has a focus on the financial aspect of energy opportunities, as an investor, advisor, or developer.  These opportunities must have a number of characteristics: steady cash flows, minimal competition, low regulatory risk, and little or no price risk.


Since 2006, JJR has been directly involved in the entire Eastern Interconnect as a trader, construction of natural gas-fired generation, wind power advisory, solar in all aspects and more.  

1 + 1 = 3

Working with talented partners across the US.  JJR structuring expertise connecting with partners.

Recognition of an Edge

Being clear about opportunity, leverage and time to market

Execute and Finance

Identify key steps in each "galaxy" - fix and go

By combining the strengths of all partners, dynamics arise.